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Hospital Management System for Healthcare Facilities and Senior Care Residences

Equipping health-care providers for the evolving demands of digitisation. HMS helps you get a handle on challenges in patient care that result from human error, wastage, improper stock keeping, duplication of efforts, adjustments in work flows and lack of checks and balances against losses, hassles in creating complex reports to fulfill statutory obligations and stakeholder accountability.

The ability to manage every aspect of the healthcare enterprise with a single infrastructure, increases efficiency and profitability.

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Optimize efficiency with seamless integration of all functions.

Ease of accountability to stakeholders. Data available for immediate reference and strategic planning and reporting.

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Personaliezd Customer Care to escort Caribbean Care Providers into the digital age

  • We customize services to fit operational needs

  • We help you engage value for total service excellence in a timely fashion

  • We help you achieve and surpass standards of best practice with improved workflows

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HMS Provides Solutions

Changes updated in real-time and accessible to all relevant departments

  • Greater strategic control with departmental inter-connectivity

  • Improved Monitoring and Evaluation systems

  • Stay abreast of industry trends, insurance compliance and statutory accountability

Standards compliance

Ensuring sustainability amidst an increasing sea of competitors and mandates, means adapting to technology

  • Less bureaucracy and more agile management structures

  • Decreased potential for legal liabilities due to poor patient care

  • Payer-Provider Bonds Will Strengthen

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Our Service

Service Excellence is our Priority with 24 hour Technical Support.

Digital Infrastructure

Optimized Framework for Full Digital Management

24 hour Technical Support

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Additional Services

Marketing; Collaboration and Community with Other Services from Provider

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Our Package

Accounting, Bed Management, Telemedicine, Human Resource Functions, Pharmacy Point of Sale, Medicine Stock Keeping, Patient Billing, Payroll, File Upload, Reports, link to Website, Payment Gateway, Stock Control.


$600.00 USD

  • accountant
  • appointment
  • lab
  • bed
  • department
  • donor
  • finance
  • pharmacy
  • laboratorist
  • medicine
  • nurse
  • patient
  • pharmacist
  • prescription
  • receptionist
  • report
  • notice
  • email
  • sms
  • file
  • payroll
  • attendance
  • leave
  • chat

Best Healthcare Management in Town

With its Hospital Management System, Motia Technology provides the nimble, optimised framework for full digital Management, to match the increasing operational and legal demands that health-care facilities are now facing across the globe.

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